let’s get personal… maybe

by kellebelle


The first time I read Bridget Jones Diary I was 15/16 years old… ten years ago now! At the time I loved the books – I remember LOLing in studyhall before LOLing was even a thing. (Yes, there was a time before Twitter! *shock* )

Now that the third installment, Mad about the Boy, is almost upon us (10th October to be precise!) I decided to reread the books. bridgetbook3

I am now a 26 year old (as of last month – eee!), living in London and can relate so much more to Bridget than I did ten years ago (duh I hear you say!), although luckily I am still at that stage where most of my friends are single and not ‘Smug Marrieds’. My thirties seemed a lifetime away when reading the books in school – I hadn’t even sat my Leaving Cert let alone been to college or moved to another country by myself.

I have just finished the first book and am now on Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.  Like Bridget I can relate to single life in London, dating disasters (one recent date ended with the guy starting a debate about incest – yes it was a first date!!!) and drinking too much with your friends! However, I am not too sure how the third book will sit with me given that Bridget will be a 50-something widow.

The Bridget I love is the hopeless-in-love, thirty-something girl who gets pissed, makes blue soup and flees to the pub for crisis talks with her friends. I would love to read about Bridget in her 30′s now, dealing with online dating, Twitter and the likes… I am less interested in her looking after two kiddies and dating a toyboy. Can she not stay in her thirties forever?!


However, I adore the books so am putting these thoughts out of my head. Afterall, the main reason I am hesitant is the fact that I can in no way relate to a widowed woman in her fifties… but then that’s like saying “I don’t like Harry Potter because I can’t relate to being a wizard!”. Books are there to take us on a journey and became engulfed in lives we can’t imagine.

I know and believe this… but I do like reading a book and getting that ‘I do that too!” moment and feeling like I am part of a not-so-secret club. 


While rereading Bridget Jones I did think to myself – wouldn’t it be nice if I did some blogs in a dairy form?

 Lately I am not sure what direction I want this blog to go in. I sometimes wish I had the anonymity to write a ‘warts and all’ depiction of my life (but is my life even that interesting?!). I am going to try be more personal in my posts – without word vomming my entire life on you all! – but I still want to keep this as a space to post lighthearted content. Does anyone really want to read how I dealt with anxiety and panic attacks last year (thank you London!), or what the London dating scene is like? Well… maybe you do! Perhaps I should write more indept posts that are more than just ‘oh look I dyed my hair for the one millionth time’...


I’d be really interested to hear from you guys and what sort of posts you like reading the most. Do you prefer fashion posts? Recipe posts? Personal posts? Let me know below!