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Month: August, 2009

Lady Ga Ga and Michael Bolton…

The unlikely duo have penned a song together called Murder My Heart.


Bolton, 56, enlisted the help of the Poker Face singer, 23, to help him write some songs for his comeback album One World One Love.

And ya know what? The song is good! I always have Bolton down as a bit of a ‘Mammy’s Favourite’ … well my mum loves him anyway… so this move is obviously an attempt to draw in some younger fans.

I think it will be a hit, I’ve had it on repeat since I first heard it.

Take a listen…

Post Grad

I can’t wait to see this movie!

Alexis Bledel (Rory from the Gilmore girls) plays  Ryden Malby, who’s just graduated from college and has to move home and look for a job. I can relate!

Flu blue…

Fantastic. According to Breaking News doctors are reporting a severe form of swine flu that goes straight to the lungs, causing severe illness in healthy young people.

US Flu 4

The World Health Organisation said this type of illness is requiring intensive care treatment and it is warning of increased pressure on hospitals in the winter. (Breaking News)

It seems that while many say swine flu is like any other flu it does appear to be getting more severe. Not good news as winter (flu season) approaches.

I know people that have had the H1N1 virus and said it felt like any other flu. As is the case with any flu pandemic there are always some fatalities, and normally those most affected have an underlying health condition.The first person to die from swine flu in Ireland had cystic fibrosis.

Think I’ll stock up on vitamins!

Radio Ga-Ga…

I love the ol’ world of radio. Always prefered it to TV, think it may have had something to do with listening to the ‘wireless’Girl_listening_to_radio at my grandparents after school.

Luckily for me I studied journalism in college and got to learn the ins and outs of the radio business. Tho’ nothing beats hands on experience and I’ve been working in a few stations for the last few years. I’ve got to work with some brilliant broadcasters and had great craic too (radio folk know how to have fun!)…

So here is my pick of the crème de la crème:

  • The Tubridy Show on RTE 1 – 9am.  Ryan is great in this morning slot, covering the latest news stories, celebrity gossip and having the banter too. Love his honesty – listening in the other day he expressed his dislike of the Jordan/Andre story but admitted it must be covered as the listeners want to know. There’s nothing more annoying than broadcasters that ‘love’ every story… too false.
  • McGurk on 4 on 4fm – 5pm.  Not your usual drive-time show: includes chat and music. 4fm mixes hard hitting current affairs with music from the last 50 years… and guess what? It works! Tom is familiar to many rugby-loving fans as the main presenter in Ireland’s Heineken Cup and 6-Nations coverage. He has been working in the Irish media for over 35 years and was certainly a great choice to take the drive-time slot. Cooper better watch out!
  • The Ray Foley Show on Today FM – 12pm. Just a bit of fun for your lunch-time, nothing too serious! The show’s tagline just about sums up the show. But don’t be fooled the lads (Ray Foley and JP) and producer Adelle put a lot of work into this show. Features ‘Ah, yeah, ok’ where listeners go on air and have to answer questions without answering ‘ah’, ‘yeah’ or ‘ok’… harder than you think. The show also has great music, generally chart stuff with the occasional rock tune thrown in. Friday is ‘Lazy Radio’ which starts off with some tunes typically played by ‘lazy’ djs such a theme tunes etc. The Foley podcast is very funny and the team can get away with saying things not allowed on their lunch-time slot. Before Ray and JP landed the 12pm gig the lads presented The Blast – possibly my favourite show, it got me through my Leaving Cert. The lads had to tone down their banter slightly after they left their night-time slot… and as much as I love The Ray Foley Show… I say Bring Back the Blast! This has a lot to do with the fact that radio is rubbish after 9pm nowadays.

Missing Frisco…

I spent last summer in San Francisco. This summer in rainy Ireland.


I lived in Berkeley, in a gorgeous apartment above Herbivore – the BEST vegan restaurant ever!


It was the best summer of my life.

San FranSfizzle 029

Our days were spent sun-bathing and sight-seeing, and our nights at frat houses or pubs!

san fran 036san fran 041

Ireland has pretty much been a wash-out this summer. Zero sun. Rain, rain, rain.

rain 2rain45out_of_the_rain_by_glitterdarkstar

Despite the rain it’s still managed to be a great summer – tho’ nothing can compare to San Fran ’08!

…and I still have my fingers crossed that we’ll get an Indian summer in September…


Seeing is believing…

Google Earth has sparked a fresh debate over the existance of the Loch Ness Monster after a user claimed to have found the monster using the mapping programme.

A quick search on YouTube brings back numerous results from people claiming to have discovered various sorts of sea monsters around the globe. But how accurate are these findings? Many argue that they images may merely be boats.

The phenomena of Nessie started way back in 1933 – 76 years ago. Even if the creature did exist back then what are the chances of it still being alive today?

Earlier this year it was reported that climate change may have killed the Loch Ness Monster. There have been no “credible sightings” of Nessie for over a year.

Veteran American monster hunter Bob Rines thinks environmental conditions in the Highland loch have changed and can no longer sustain the elusive reptile. (The Telegraph)


Following the report Google announced that its specially-altered trike camera – which is able to take eye-level images of areas that are inaccessible to Street View’s camera cars – would be sent to Loch Ness on Thursday. (The Telegraph)

I imagine Google Earth will cause some people to spend hours searching through on-line maps in the hope of discovering some form of sea monster.

I have to admit the little dinosaur-loving nerd inside me would love if Nessie did, in fact, exist!

Noah’s Ark…

Animals can be peculiar.

I had goldfish when I was little. Not too fond memories may I add. They died.

Flip and Flip I, and Flip and Flap II (looks like it was too much effort for me to think up new names).  To this day fish Goldfish-001freak me out. I can just imagine dead ones floating on the water’s surface… ugh.

Goldfish like to jump out of their bowls too. My friend’s missing fish showed up on the sole of her mothers shoe… To quote Black Adder – he was an ex-fish by that stage!

I was reading the Guardian and came across some animal stories, including a goldfish that jumped from his bowl and was discovered hours later covered in fluff and dog hair. His owner not having the heart to flush him rinsed him under the tap and – lo and behold – he came back to life.

They have another story about teeny tiny twin monkeys who had to be cleaned with toothbrushes – they were that small.

Gimme, gimme, gimme…

I got this shirt in Karen Millen yesterday.

karen millen

Part of my ‘I’m a grown up, I have a job’ collection… tho’ I use the phrase ‘I have a job’ very loosely.


I really wanted these shoes too, but alas, they did not fit my size 1 feet.



‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’…

Currently reading:





Funny, now that I’ve finished college I find myself more into these books than ever before. Wynford Hicks’ books are particularly good for guidance on editing, grammar etc.

The Universal Journalist should be every journalist’s bible.

Brand Spanking New Apartment!

I’m moving into my NEW apartment next week. No longer living in student accommodation as I am a grown-up now *shudder*

So how should I decorate?! Well in college I was digging the whole ‘tween’ thing… yes the likes of High School Musical (tho’  I’ve never even seen the movies!), kiddy duvets from Dunnes stores… basically cutesy designs. But now… woah woah.. now I want something more ME!…

I’m thinking retro/kitsch…

These caught my eye:

urban outfitters_Pink_l1

I Love, Love, Love this clock.  Available from Urban Outfitters and at only £10 it’s a steal! (Also available in gray)

Remember the retro hamburger phone?! I’d swap my mobile for this any day!


… and for those moments that I just have to see if I’ve hit 5 foot yet:


It’s a deer measuring tape…!

…and a lady bird…


…and not too sure what this is – but some girl like design!

5559412927890_Pink_m1Who knew measuring tapes could actually be cool?!

I like having my own mug. Ya know – just mine. I think it stemmed from my concerns as a kid that mugs were full of other peoples germs (I obviously had never heard of a dishwasher… I was 5!)… But every year I end up getting some random mug with a cute cat or hippo or something on it. Well not this year!


…well vegetarians are very cool…


… cuz we all like a bit of grime.

And finally a floral duvet cover. Ikea has really nice kitsch floral quilts and Laura Ashley, as always, has an abundance of flowery accessories. This one I found in Dunnes