my secret predictions – from 12 year old me!

by kellebelle

Piss your pants. I kid you not.

I was tidying out some old boxes at home before I move back to Dublin and found a little envelope entitled ‘my secret predictions – my millennial message to the ‘me’ of the future’. HA.

Waaaay back when we were all excited bout the ol’ millennium (will all the computers crash and planes fall out of the sky?!) I was given a present of some sort of millennium time capsule thing to be opened on my 21st birthday – eh well that didn’t happen! They gave you a few headings to write on and off you go.

I was 12 when I wrote it. Hilarious. What a weird child I was!…Went off on a bit of a tangent about my cat at one stage. No change there so!

Safe to say I think 12-year-old me would be disappointed that I didn’t have a $3 million dollar home and a novel written by 21… oh and an Oscar!!!!!!

Anyway here it goes, spelling mistakes included!:

Dear Me! At the moment it is 6:06 pm on Friday the 31st of December 1999. I’m feeling both happy and sad for the new Millennium. I had some great times in the 20th century. I probably won’t read this ‘coz I’ll probably forget.

I am 12yrs old and about 4 foot 7. I weigh 5 and a half stone. I am a strict vegetarian and hope I stay that way! I love fashion, make-up and animals. I hate cruelty to animals.

I like Britney Spears. I like Sarah Michelle Geller. I like David Bornaz. I really love Pokemon. I collect stickers and trading cards, limited edition stuff, Beanie Babies and lots more. I love music, swimming, rounders, reading and writing stories. I like Friends… the sitcom. (Ahem… then I drew a massive ‘peace sign’, oh dear.)

When I’m 21 I hope to be 5 foot five (sorry didn’t happen!!!). I’d like to weigh 7 or 8 stone. I hope I am still a vegetarian. I’d love to be rich and have lots of cool clothes. I would love to be an actress and write a best selling novel. I’d like to be living in America. I’d like to be world wide famous. I’d like to have a $3 million (or more) house with a jack-u-say (inventive spelling for jacuzzi!) and a swimming pool. I’d like to have an Oscar and an Emmy.

As I’m writing Socks (my cat!) is washing herself. She is now on my bed smelling the top of my pen. I bet you think I’m really immature. I’m not! (oh, oh… eh…ok)

I went to see Steps at the point. I would like to be involved in a protection league for animals. (Yes, I see how that is clearly related to  Steps!)

I really admire Britney Spears and Sarah Michelle Gellar. I also like Reese Withspoon (with-spoon?!). She is married to hunk Ryan Phillippe. (yes I actually wrote hunk!) She is an actress. She had a baby.

I really don’t know what to write anymore. I meant to write all this on 5 pages, ha ha. I might write more later. Bye for now.


HA! Wahey bet 12-year-old me would be embarrassed I decided to publish this for all to read.

Gas tho’. I remember reading about Cringe Parties in Company magazine a few months back… they’re parties where people read entries from their old teenage diaries! Great idea! I may have a root around for some of my old ones. No doubt I talk about cats too much in them.