happy wednesday

by kellebelle

Halfway through the week – nearly the weekend!

Quite excited for this weekend I must say, heading home to Waterford – dying to see my dogs and cat! Having to make do with hearing CoCo make sniffly sounds on the phone does not work (yes I am one of those weird people that put their dogs on the phone!).

Getting broadband tomorrow – yay – so more regular blogging from next week!

The Chilean miners got rescued today as you can tell from flicking on any news channel – great news story that really seems to get to people. Nice change from the economy crap we hear daily. In keeping with the miners theme if you have not already done so check out @Chilean_Miner on Twitter. Perhaps the FUNNIEST Twitter page I have encountered to date.

Some gems:

“I don’t care how in vogue they are, wearing sunglasses underground makes you a try-hard. “Ray-Ban” Juan disagrees”

“Despite his efforts Juan is unable to convince us we are basking under a warm sun by waggling an orange on a string”

“Another troubled night. Ramon was mining in his sleep again”

“According to Ramon’s home made calendar, today is August 46th”

Brilliant! I don’t know how I only discovered that Twitter today but spent ages reading all the tweets – seriously funny stuff. Fair play to whoever is behind it!

In keeping with all things good and lovely here are some photos that made me smile.

Hope you enjoy them – I saved the best one till last!