me and my invisable mate

by kellebelle

I’ve been working on the breakfast show (6.30am-1pm) and evening shift (4.30pm-7pm) in work for the last two weeks… safe to say the ol’ body clock doesn’t know what’s hit it! The hours themselves don’t really bother me (besides being sleepy some days!) cuz I genuinely love being in work and am delighted to be getting hours (I’m freelance so my hours can be anything really!)

Anyhoo my point is that my eating habits have gone a bit… funny.  I eat breakfast (porridge always!) in work at about 7am… then grab ‘lunch’ at about 10 or 11am. I always sleep between 1.30pm-4pm so don’t eat before my second shift (just grab a hot chocolate!)… by the time I leave work at 7pm I am ready to eat my arm!!!

On Wednesday  I thought ‘feck it I’m too hungry to even wait for a takeaway’ so plonked myself in Eddie Rockets! Now ya know what they say – never shop on an empty stomach. Well they should extend that to ordering food by yourself! So I ordered an amazo Orea milkshake to keep me going before the grub arrived (!) … and I also ordered a veggie burger, sweet potato fries, onion rings and Cajun sauce. A lot for a little person. But it gets worse…

Now my friend Becky has given my… er… condition a name – Kelly Belly… whereby I order a ridiculous amount of food convinced I’m gonna eat it all, but take a few nibbles and am full! Said food is then put in the fridge to be eaten at a later date… but never sees the light of day!

So I walk up to the counter in Eddies and hand over my order slip.

“Would you like to pay separately?” asks the girl.

I just stare at her a little stunned before I realise she thinks there was more than me at my table due to my ridiculous order.

“Em… no… it’s just me” *girl looks embarrassed for me* then of course I feel the need to explain myself, “yeah… eh ya see… I work funny hours… eh… my eyes are bigger than my belly…em…yeah” *nervous laugh from me*… blank stare from the girl.

Oh dear.