marc jacobs looking for a twitter-er

by kellebelle

Fancy becoming Marc Jacobs official tweeter??

All you have to do is come up with some witty amazo gem of tweet-tastic goodness in 140 characters or less.

Marc Jacob’s current tweeter/twitter-er in the twitterverse (how many words can you make up with Twitter?!) Robert Duffy is leaving and the team have taken to Tweet-land to find a replacement.

“Were looking for someone to come on and take a job heading our twitter act and social media. Send something clever for a chance at the job!

We just want to be entertained while we work here all night to make this show happen for you all! Show us what you got.

Expecting better than we are getting. This is a serious job offer. Will fly you in for an interview. We will relocate you to NYC. Pays well

We are interviewing only people who are tweeting us. Be clever. Smart. Understand our DNA. Say it in one tweet! That is your interview!

This offer is dead serious. We want someone who truly gets what were all about. Smart, funny, and entertaining. Keep em’ coming.

You’ve gotta do a little better than you have been. We want the best! And no fakes. You gotta truly get our brand. We’re a tight knit family

Asking for it and saying please isn’t going to cut it. We need to see your wit! Impress us with your tweet skills.

No resumes. No cover letters. We’re not interested. Your tweets are the only qualification were interested in.

Think you have what it takes?! Tweet @MarcJacobsIntl