the loudest house in ireland

by kellebelle

… is probably the home of Jedward and their new pet – Perez the Parrot!

The parrot probably won’t get a word in edgewise living with those two!

The twins asked their fans on Twitter to help come up with a name for their Parakeet and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton suggested his name!

After confirming their choice Perez tweeted “Thanks Planet Jedward for naming your new bird after me….. Perez the Parrot! Excellent choice!”

The parrot now has its own Twitter page with over 1500 followers!

I am one of those followers *hangs head in shame*

Jedward will appear on RTE Two’s Anonymous at 9.55pm tonight

Jedward are transformed into Seanie and Edwina, an old and somewhat confused couple!

They weren’t allowed see each other and were dropped off in two different parts of a large shopping centre to try to find each other….

I’m sure in usual Jedward-style it will be a very loud and hyper show!

Pics via @planetjedward and @liammckenna1