goodbye ireland!

by kellebelle

I have been absent for the blog world lately… the reason being I am moving to London! Ra, ra, ra!

The whole job situe in Ireland is beyond crap (as we all know!) so like many others I decided to up and leave. I’m jumping on the emigration bandwagon!

Over the past few months I have been firing CVs off to places in London and after two interviews with one particular company (one involving a presentation – scary!) I got a job🙂

The job is slightly different to what I’m used to – it’s in recruitment consultancy as opposed to radio – but deliraaaa to have job security at last!… and moving to London is a bonus too – after spending almost five years living in Dublin ending up somewhere besides Coppers at 3am will be nice!

Tho’ will any London club play Damo & Ivor‘s chooon?!?!

The funny thing is moving to London kind of feels like moving to Dublin five years ago… most people I know from college/school/previous work are now living there so it’s not as scary a move as upping and moving to a new city where I don’t know anybody. I would probably be way too chicken to do that! It even worked out that I am moving in with two Irish guys I met on my J1 to San Fran in 2008!

Of course it is still scary moving somewhere new… and starting a new job.

I fly over on Friday and start work Monday. I was so excited that I got the job in the first place that I kind of forgot what it’s like starting somewhere new…  what to wear on the first day?! what will the other people in there be like?! will my head implode with nerves?! … well if head implosion is avoided I will consider the first day a success. Hurrah.

Once that’s over with my main priority is to go to London zoo…!

So long Ireland!