back to ombre

by Kellebelle

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This has been a year of colour change for my poor hair!

After a rash decision to dye my hair copper at the start of the year (let’s just say it was a break up related hasty decision – we’ve all been there, at least I was talked out of the bob that I told my hairdresser I wanted!) I am now finally back to liking my hair colour again!

“Boys – the reason for bad hair  decisions since the invention of the scissors”

After my dalliance with the aforementioned red hue I decided that I just didn’t feel like me. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the red – it lasted two months – it was more that I felt like none of my clothes looked right and the outfits I wore that previously made me feel ‘sparkly’ left me feeling like dull. So I decided to slowly go back to brown/blonde.

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(image from weheartit)

Having had my hair ombré for four years I took the dive to copper partly because every girl in London seemed to have dip dyed hair and I was a little sick of it. Having the break from it made me realise that I don’t care if the whole world has the same hair as me – I love ombré hair and it makes me feel good! My clothes look better and I bloody love that when I have my hair in a bun the bun part is blonde!

I went to my lovely hairdresser Carla in GroLondon (Clapham) and last month I got my ombré locks back!


Yay! Here’s to being a walking clone… And not giving a sh*t!!!