new books

by Kellebelle

I got distracted on my lunch break yesterday as there’s an amazing little bookshop near work…


I love Raymond Briggs illustrations (the Snowman is genius!) so I had to buy The Bear when I saw it. Yes, I was browsing the children’s books…  I secretly want to buy all the ‘picture books’ that I can carry…

Bought this PG Wodehouse book purely because I love the cover. Look at the dogs!!!


I started reading Alfie yesterday… need to set aside some time to get into it properly as finding myself unable to open my eyes on the tube these days. Lately, instead of reading on my morning commute I am listening to Christmas songs (I know, I know – it’s only November!) and trying to ignore the fact that my face is in someones armpit or that I am wedged against a door.

Close your eyes and think of Christmas! – my new motto.

What’s on your reading list at the moment?