oh deer: illustrations

by Kellebelle

One of my favourite sites at the moment for home-ware and quirky gift ideas is Oh Deer.

It was started by illustrator Jamie Mitchell and the site now works with more than 35 illustrators – including one of my my favourites Gemma Correll who is famous for her pug and Poms not Bombs illustrations.


Recently I treated myself to to dinosaur cushions for my bedroom. I adore cushions and have a silly amount of 9 pillow/cushions on my leaba (that’s bed as gaeilge).




If you have a penchant for all things dino you can shop their dinosaur collection (It’s bloody amazing!!!).

Along with things such as mugs, tees and cushions; they also stock prints, wrapping paper and gift cards. If you are a fan of illustration then definitely check it out!

I Like You 3_0 lf3 copy Party Cat

Have you ever bought something from Oh Deer?

Kellebelle x