GBookClub: April

by Kellebelle


Last night I went to Glamour’s #GBookClub.

It’s my third time going to the event and I love it! Last time I went, Irish author Cecelia Ahern was there to talk about her latest book and have a Q&A. Yesterday, it was the turn of Laini Taylor, author of Dreams Of Gods And Monsters, and Lauren Owen, author of her first novel The Quick. Really keen to read The Quick, a Gothic novel that Lauren developed while doing an MA in Creative Writing.

the quick

I always find the events to be quite inspiring and offer great insights for any aspiring writers out there.

  • “Sometimes the needs of the book outweigh the needs of the characters” Lauren on hurting/killing-off characters.
  • “I began with the twist… I wanted the characters to have normal lives before supernatural chaos” Lauren on The Quick.

At the end of the evening we got given amazing goodie bags filled with books and treats!




Already looking forward to the next event! You can find out more on the Glamour Book Club Facebook page HERE