elle’s first bookclub

by Kellebelle


Last night ELLE’s inaugural Book Club took place.

As a regular attendee of Glamour’s GBookClub I was interested to see how this would compare. Both events cost roughly the same (C.£20). For this price ELLE gave a year’s subscription to the mag, a signed copy of the book and canapés/Baileys/wine at the event.

Emma Jane Unsworth, author of Animals, was the guest speaker and her reading of some extracts really brought the characters to life ( I loved her accent too!). She was funny, friendly and a great author to introduce the #ELLEbookclub series. If you haven’t read the book I would say go pick up a copy – easy to read and a good look into female friendships and debauchery, while exploring the pressures put on women to ‘behave’ and ‘settle-down’ as they enter their 30’s.


The event was held in the Hoxton Hotel which was great for me as it is a short stroll from my Old Street offices. It started at 7pm which was a massive plus for me – most book club events I have gone to before are held in central London and start at 6.30pm which pretty much makes it impossible for me to ever arrive on time!

The venue itself was lovely and I made sure my Bailey’s stayed topped up throughout the night. The canapés were tasty enough (although they ran out fast and could have done with more vegetarian options). Due to a torrential downpour (in bloody June!) the event had to be paused shortly after it started as the courtyard’s covering let some rain in! Other than that the event ran pretty smoothly.



There were a lot of nice touches with ELLE’s Book Club – such as the personalised letter that the book came with and I definitely liked that they did offer nibbles as most events that happen over dinnertime leave me famished with a rumbling tummy! I received the book about a week before the event so didn’t have time to finish it before last night (I am about a chapter away from the end) so had to cover my ears at certain points as spoilers were unleashed! It was assumed that everyone had completed it by that stage which (having sat at a table with 5 others who hadn’t reached the end) was certainly not the case.

All in all, I really enjoyed the evening. I am away for the next one which will be held on July 7th but would highly recommend going. Emma Healey, author of Elizabeth is Missing, will be the author of the month. I met her last week at a Bailey’s event in Southbank and found her to be very inspirational. I have already bought her book (and got it signed!) so am very excited to read it when I finish Animals.

You can get tickets to the next event HERE.