by Kellebelle

I really love Stella McCartney’s ethos and products – faux leather is a major selling point for me.

None of Stella’s products are tested on animals so (aside from the price) you can have a guilt-free purchase.

These bags cost roughly the same as most leather designer bags… i.e. over £500.

stella mccartney

The above bag is £680 from Net-A-Porter. The gold chain trim is the show stopping factor for me. I do really like the look of this one… however I wish Mulberry would do faux leather options as I am still a sucker for their style over Stella’s. I have to admit that I love the Alexa, especially the fact that it is such an iconic bag (although I see at least two every day on my commute to work!). While I do think the Falabella (above) is a lovely bag – I am not quite sure if I would only be buying it for its faux leather qualities, as opposed to for its style.

About time more designers jumped on the faux leather bandwagon and make the market more competitive, I say!

What do you think? Does it matter to you if a bag is real or faux leather?