Redken: Blonde Idol

by Kellebelle


Brassy hair is the bane of my life. I like my blonde to be as blonde as possible so am a big fan of anything that promises to tone up my locks between salon visits.

I recently bought a new conditioner from Redken called Blonde Idol. It promises to condition, strengthen and preserve tonality by cancelling out brassiness.


It is made up of two chambers that release a custom blend of colour-depositing and conditioning formulas that you can adjust depending on how brassy (or not!) you feel your hair is!

It can be quite messy to use so expect purple gloop to get all over the shower – can stain shower curtains too! I really like the formula and they fact that you can personalise the amount of toning you want. I like my hair as icy and blonde as possible so I have been using it on the higher settings (6 and 7 mainly). You leave it in for 3 minutes, although I tend to leave it in for about 5-7 mins. It hasn’t dramatically changed my hair but it definitely does make a difference and neutralises brassy tones.


Have you any recommendations for keeping blonde hair blonde?!