Tatty Devine 

by Kellebelle

I was pottering around Selfridges the other day… Quite aimlessly really, in a post payday haze where all of London feels rich for a few days. £££

I came to the Tatty Devine stand and was eyeing up their dinosaur necklaces. Standard.

They had these really cute little speech bubble necklaces that said things like “queen bee”, “tweet, sleep, blog, repeat” and “I’ll take two sugars”. 

I spotted one that said “I’m not antisocial, I just like cats” and was all ready to buy it when the girl behind the counter informed me that I could get anything I wanted put on it. ANYTHING I wanted. The choice was infinite.

When I decided what to get, I told the girl and tried not to look like a complete weirdo: “I just love mint and dinosaurs”.

I mean who doesn’t?!

All this for £30… Not too shabby at all!

What would you get on your speech bubble?