Septum piercing 

by Kellebelle

It seems that getting a new piercing at Christmas time is a new tradition of mine. A not very successful tradition, but a tradition all the same!

Last year I got my tragus pierced (which I loved!) and after 3 months it rejected and *popped* out of my ear. It was probably the most annoying piercing I’ve had to date. Everytime someone hugged me and bumped my ear – pain, everytime I got my hair done at the hairdressers – pain, and everytime I accidentally hit it with my Tangle Teezers – PAIN! Not to mention just sleeping and rolling over onto the pierced ear. 

So all in all, a massive pain. But it looked good so I persevered hoping that it was just taking longer to heal. It didn’t, and now I have a little dent in my ear.

I’ve wanted to get my septum pierced for about 3 years now and this Christmas decided to finally get it done. Why did I put it off for so long? Mainly because every single person I mentioned it to said it was an awful piercing and I would look like a tiny bull. I happen to like bulls.


I did some research on how best to heal piercings on account of my last piercing getting rejected. I stocked up on Arnica (a homeopathic remedy for bruising), Zinc (which increases healing time in wounds) and Vitamin C (also aids healing and keeps cells healthy).

Getting a piercing done at a reputable piercers goes without saying and I looked into a few places in Dublin before deciding on Wildcat in Stephen’s Green. I called into a few places and this was my favourite, aside from good reviews online etc., Samara (my piercer) was just really helpful and nice.


So to the piercing itself: I took two ibuprofen about an hour beforehand. At Wildcat I was taken into one of the piercing studios and lay down while my septum was clamped to locate the ‘sweet spot’ – this is the soft spot in between the lower and upper sections of the septum cartilage where the piercing is done. I braced myself and took a deep breath in as the needle went through. Pain wise – it hurt momentarily (like a bee sting!) and my eyes watered like crazy. It certainly wasn’t awful or as sore as I had anticipated. I would say about a 4/5 out of 10 on the pain scale. 


Afterwards I barely noticed that I had the new piercing as there was hardly any discomfort or pain. The only time it is uncomfortable is when I whack my nose (I’m clumsy!). It’s much easier to look after than other healing piercings as it doesn’t bother me when I sleep (no rolling onto my nose!), it’s fine putting make-up on as the piercing itself is inside my nose so no hitting it with brushes or accidentally covering it in make up (this happened my tragus and nose piercing).



In terms of aftercare, I clean it twice a day with a saline solution using cotton buds.

It takes about 6 weeks to heal and at that stage you can change the jewellery. I’ve already bought my first one which is a white gold clicker from BVLA.