Cashew nut milk

by Kellebelle

I don’t drink dairy and until recently was using a lot of soya milk. However, lately I have been cutting back on soya in favour of nut milk options as I don’t want to have too much soya in my diet. 

I’m trying to eat as much organic food and ‘natural’ vegetarian products – this means less soya, ‘fake meat’ type products etc., and more plant based proteins, vegetables, pulses and the likes.

Not only are nut milks a great source of proteins and vitamins, but they also taste much better than soya milk. Best of all – you can make them yourself!… And did I mention it’s delicious?!

I decided to make cashew milk for my first try. It’s the easiest of the nut milks to make as you don’t need to soak the nuts for as long (they can be soaked for just 2 hours compared to almonds which need 24-48 hours of soaking) plus you don’t need a nut milk bag as the texture is so smooth when blended. 


I used organic cashew nuts (1 cup), organic medjool dates (2), pinch of Himalayan salt and 2 and a half cups of water. I used Volvic water but any filtered water will do.


  • I soaked the cashews overnight
  • The next day I drained the water and rinsed the cashews 
  • I popped the nuts, dates and water all in a blender and whizzed until smooth

And that’s it! You can add more of less dates depending on how sweet you want the milk to be, and more/less water until you get the consistency that you want.

Super easy and tastes amazing!

I’ve just ordered a nut milk bag from Amazon so going to try almond milk next.