Weekend reading in the sun (now in the rain…)

by Kellebelle

I am currently ready ‘Gut’, the inside story into the body’s most under-rated organ. A fascinating book written by Giulia Enders and illustrated by her sister. 

Giulia has a very accessible and humouress writing style (yes the gut can be funny!) that makes this book book both enjoyable and insightful. Some reviews have said the style is too childish but I would rather this than being overloaded with boring jargon. I’m a massive nerd for fact-based science/biology books but find many (most!) are written with no personality and can sometimes be taxing to read (requiring me to be in a ‘switched on’ mood which can be hard after looking at a screen all day!). 

However, this book is easy to pick up and read whenever. I’m really interested in the gut in general (fabulous sentence!) and how a gut imbalance can be linked to anxiety, depression etc.

A clinical trial at Oxford University, the results of which were published in January, suggested that “prebiotics”, which promote the existence of certain kinds of bacteria in the gut, may work as nutritional therapies for stress, anxiety and depression. “We don’t have all the evidence figured out, but there are some great scientists who are doing tremendous work on this and really pushing the hypothesis forward,” Enders says.

Not just a book about 💩