Veggie Pret

by Kellebelle

I went into Pret’s Veggie Pop-Up in Soho yesterday….

… And loved it. No surprises there! 💚🌱

Pret has always had a great selection of vegan and vegetarian food and their pop-up doesn’t disappoint. They have showcased some exciting new recipes (such as the vegan chakalaka wrap) and old favourites (posh cheddar).

They’re also bringing some of these new recipes to Prets around the country. I have a confession to make… I had that chakalaka wrap 5 times last week (what is wrong with me?!)…

I went slightly overboard at Veggie Pret (surprise, surprise!) and bought quite a few (seveal!) vegan snacks while there. 

What I loved:

  • Asian tofu salad
  • Artichoke & tapenade baguette 
  • Dairy free coconut bites
  • Orange and cacoa pots

There was a notice board for customers to review and rate their favourite food. 

Veggie Pret runs for all of June. 

Have you been yet? Would love to hear your food recommendations!