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Wild Food Cafe

Delicious ‘White Zen’ smoothie (contains Irish moss!) from the Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden.

I went there yesterday and it is an amazing vegan/vegetarian spot 💚🌱

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, it was a lovely little escape. We sat by the large open windows overlooking a little courtyard and it almost felt like we were in Spain or Italy! 

I need to go back there soon for food as their menu looked amazing! Here’s some drink selections:

Love finding new veggie places and the staff were really lovely at the Wild Earth Cafe. Highly recommend !


BuddyBox: Blurt Foundation 

Ever since I was a child, I have always loved a ‘lucky dip’. Post-party goody bags were the holy grail of childhood parties and I remember comparing the contents and swapping Spice Girl stickers while devouring popping candy. Those were the days!

Nowadays, subscription boxes filled with goodies from the likes of Glossybox, Graze (do snacks count as treats?) and Pink Parcel are hugely popular. There’s often a choice to purchase a one-off box for yourself, or loved one, if you don’t want to commit to a monthly service.

But what if you fancy some positivity or a pick me up? Or just want something a bit different to the norm? 

The Blurt Foundation has devised the BuddyBox which is packed full of positive and comforting items. Blurt’s aim is to help those affected by depression and increase awareness and understanding about the coundition. 

They describe their BuddyBox as a “hug in a box”. The BuddyBox is a subscription box with substance, designed to counter the pressures we face in modern life.  When you consider the amount of people suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, the BuddyBox and Blurt are hugely important and beneficial. It is rare to speak to anyone who has not been affected in some way and creating a culture of openness is essential. I constantly see articles discussing the rise in numbers suffering from mental health issues and how this generation, in particular, are suffering terribly with anxiety/stress disorders and feeling the pressures of modern society. 

Packed full of thoughtful, mood-lifting treats, the BuddyBox aims to comfort, delight and give you that warm, ‘I’ve been cared for’ feeling inside.
Each BuddyBox contains at least 5 full-size quality products hand-picked to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care.

All the items included in the box are intended to make you feel good: helping you de-stress, find calm, feel pampered, relax, get creative, or simply have fun.

What a wonderful idea!

I decided to get a one-off box (£21.50)… And look at how fabulous it is! It is packaged so wonderfully and I was really excited to unveil its contents. A really lovely thing to open at the end of a long day at work.

Although Blurt is an organisation that focuses on helping people with depression, the BuddyBox was created for ANYONE who could benefit from a boost, or a pick-me up, or a big dollop of self-care.

I genuinely love the BuddyBox idea, and think it’s a great gift idea for anyone needing a little lift and to know that someone cares ❤



Tatty Devine 

I was pottering around Selfridges the other day… Quite aimlessly really, in a post payday haze where all of London feels rich for a few days. £££

I came to the Tatty Devine stand and was eyeing up their dinosaur necklaces. Standard.

They had these really cute little speech bubble necklaces that said things like “queen bee”, “tweet, sleep, blog, repeat” and “I’ll take two sugars”. 

I spotted one that said “I’m not antisocial, I just like cats” and was all ready to buy it when the girl behind the counter informed me that I could get anything I wanted put on it. ANYTHING I wanted. The choice was infinite.

When I decided what to get, I told the girl and tried not to look like a complete weirdo: “I just love mint and dinosaurs”.

I mean who doesn’t?!

All this for £30… Not too shabby at all!

What would you get on your speech bubble?



London’s first porridge cafe

porridge cafe

First there was a cereal cafe (London) then a crisp sandwich cafe (Belfast), now a porridge cafe is to open in London. Which will actually be quite near my offices in Old Street!

The menu is rather interesting… as they offer both sweet and savoury options. Yes, savoury porridge – what will that be like?! The cafe will have classic breakfast style options such as baked apple, raisin & cinnamon (YUM!) and a more adventurous option including lemon, fennel & mushroom.


The cafe came to life after its founders, Nik & Elly (who started Bow Street Kitchen in 2013) went on a trip to Scandinavia and noticed a trend for high quality and interest porridge. They then got back to London, did some research and set about creating London’s first Porridge Cafe.

I will definitely pay them a visit when they open on March 2nd. I think the sweet options will go down well and I am so intrigued to try out a savoury option – the one below actually looks really good!


What do you think? Would you try this cafe? Has anyone ever tried savoury porridge before?!



Pancake Tuesday

pancaketuesdayMy favourite day of the year (aside from Christmas!) is here… Pancake day!

There is a great little pop-up in Old Street station called Les Deux Amies who do amazing sweet and savory crepes. I got a Nutella one this morning… although was tempted to get their savory blue cheese & walnut option!




Since moving to London four years ago I have joined three gyms (Virgin Active, Iron Monger Row and Gymbox) and for the most part never went more than once a month.


In November I joined Gymbox and have finally found a gym that works for me! They have amazing classes that I actually look forward to going to on my lunch-break or after work.

Working out alone doesn’t really do it for me and I have finally come to the conclusion that I need classes to stay motivated. At Gymbox I’ve been going to Rave (a dance workout in the dark with glow sticks!), Bottom Line (squatting and toning class), Ghetto Zumba (dance). Spinning and Yoga. I even went to a Twerking class!

*Amazing classes!
*DJ plays in the gym
*Convenient location (close to my work)
*High standard showers and changing rooms.

*Fees- Gymbox is definitely on the higher end of things when it comes to gym fees (I got a corporate discount)
*Booking classes – some classes (particularly dance and yoga) get booked up so quickly and there are limited spaces

Other than going to the gym, I have been trying to eat healthier and get fitter. It’s not about losing weight, for me it’s about being healthy and feeling happy 🙂










What are your favorite gym classes or fitness tips?


elle’s first bookclub


Last night ELLE’s inaugural Book Club took place.

As a regular attendee of Glamour’s GBookClub I was interested to see how this would compare. Both events cost roughly the same (C.£20). For this price ELLE gave a year’s subscription to the mag, a signed copy of the book and canapés/Baileys/wine at the event.

Emma Jane Unsworth, author of Animals, was the guest speaker and her reading of some extracts really brought the characters to life ( I loved her accent too!). She was funny, friendly and a great author to introduce the #ELLEbookclub series. If you haven’t read the book I would say go pick up a copy – easy to read and a good look into female friendships and debauchery, while exploring the pressures put on women to ‘behave’ and ‘settle-down’ as they enter their 30’s.


The event was held in the Hoxton Hotel which was great for me as it is a short stroll from my Old Street offices. It started at 7pm which was a massive plus for me – most book club events I have gone to before are held in central London and start at 6.30pm which pretty much makes it impossible for me to ever arrive on time!

The venue itself was lovely and I made sure my Bailey’s stayed topped up throughout the night. The canapés were tasty enough (although they ran out fast and could have done with more vegetarian options). Due to a torrential downpour (in bloody June!) the event had to be paused shortly after it started as the courtyard’s covering let some rain in! Other than that the event ran pretty smoothly.



There were a lot of nice touches with ELLE’s Book Club – such as the personalised letter that the book came with and I definitely liked that they did offer nibbles as most events that happen over dinnertime leave me famished with a rumbling tummy! I received the book about a week before the event so didn’t have time to finish it before last night (I am about a chapter away from the end) so had to cover my ears at certain points as spoilers were unleashed! It was assumed that everyone had completed it by that stage which (having sat at a table with 5 others who hadn’t reached the end) was certainly not the case.

All in all, I really enjoyed the evening. I am away for the next one which will be held on July 7th but would highly recommend going. Emma Healey, author of Elizabeth is Missing, will be the author of the month. I met her last week at a Bailey’s event in Southbank and found her to be very inspirational. I have already bought her book (and got it signed!) so am very excited to read it when I finish Animals.

You can get tickets to the next event HERE.






I went to a little pop-up event by The Collective in Boxpark Shoreditch this week where Wah Nails were doing complimetary nail art.

I got little magpies on my nails – two for joy of course!

mpnails mpnailscloseup





GBookClub: April


Last night I went to Glamour’s #GBookClub.

It’s my third time going to the event and I love it! Last time I went, Irish author Cecelia Ahern was there to talk about her latest book and have a Q&A. Yesterday, it was the turn of Laini Taylor, author of Dreams Of Gods And Monsters, and Lauren Owen, author of her first novel The Quick. Really keen to read The Quick, a Gothic novel that Lauren developed while doing an MA in Creative Writing.

the quick

I always find the events to be quite inspiring and offer great insights for any aspiring writers out there.

  • “Sometimes the needs of the book outweigh the needs of the characters” Lauren on hurting/killing-off characters.
  • “I began with the twist… I wanted the characters to have normal lives before supernatural chaos” Lauren on The Quick.

At the end of the evening we got given amazing goodie bags filled with books and treats!




Already looking forward to the next event! You can find out more on the Glamour Book Club Facebook page HERE