open journalism and the three little pigs

I think the Guardian have done a fantastic job with their advert for open journalism which first screened last month.

The epic ad shows how the story of the three little pigs would go down in the age of open journalism and shows how the story spreads over social media.

The ad questions whether the pigs really were the victims. It demonstrates the speed at which debate kicks off after news spread that the wolf is dead. Twitter is alive with tweets of support from some and outrage from others, comments are posted in response to online articles and news is reported on TV, print and online – while all the time sparking the online conversation on social media platforms.

The Guardian have a whole page dedicated to open journalism. Click HERE to see it.

Open journalism, allows us to shape how the news is reported by interaction, we are no longer merely consumers of news but are now actively participating. We can comment straight away to voice our opinions on online articles which gives us an immediate result, leading to instant conversations – unlike posting a letter  in the mail to a print publication which may be irrelevant, old news by the time it gets published.

Here is the fantastic ad is question: